Update…Los chicos y su vida en Dallas

We have had a good first week as we  are all settling in to our new lives in Dallas.   I feel like my head is finally above water as I resume my life at home.   Still lots of things on my “get caught up list” at work and at home but making progress. 

So that old saying it takes a village…it does!  Wendy and I a great team as we get the boys settled.   New clothes and essentials, health insurance, soccer league, teaching responsibilities around the house, learning English.   But we have lots of help.   Sahidyt is a lovely young woman who is helping us with the boys at home but also with all of the above.  The boys already love her and I think the feeling is mutual.  Dee has started formally teaching the boys English and we will all be helping her with that.   Next week the boys will be tested for their educational level in Spanish by our local school system.   And thanks to my staff and everyone else who has offered to pitch in.   We all feel very loved and supported.  First doctor’s appointments and home visit by social workers in a couple weeks (Colombia requires a home visit a month after adoption and every six months for a couple more years).

We are amazed by the boys’ confidence and calm and friendly smiles and grace.  They sleep well, are helpful and curious, and are receptive to our teachings and our love.  They are great with the animals too.

Thanks again to all who followed while we were in Colombia and for your encouraging comments and support.   Suspect I will continue to blog for a bit for those of you who wish to follow and who wish to follow the progress of these new Duffy boys.  And of course I write so that someday these boys can look back and see our journey together through my eyes and Wendy’s. 

Listo para la primera práctica de fútbol!

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