We made it through immigration!

We are in the airport!   Through immigration.   Took them about a half hour to go through the paperwork but we made it.   I made pretend I was totally calm.   Wow, we’re through.   

I am physically and emotionally as tired I think as I have ever been.   Haven’t slept well the past few nights.  The anxiety of the unknown in adoption can be overwhelming.  It has been a long and wonderful and wild six weeks.  Leaving exactly six weeks after I arrived.  

The boys and I had time to walk to our favorite spot for dinner, parque 93.   Yes, we have been here long enough to have favorites!   Great meal, walked back to hotel and our favorite driver Andres took us to the airport.

We say goodbye to Bogotá, and Colombia.   For now that is, we’ll be back. 

They are excited and don’t seem the slightest bit nervous.  Their demeanor amazes us, it really does.

The Duffy boys are coming (to their new) home.

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