We are at Tibbs.   Uneventful flight and getting through immigration here not a big deal.  Embassy in Bogotá sent a big packet for each boy.

Great to be home but feels a  bit different to me.  I am in a dense fog, need some rest.  The boys already asleep upstairs.

The gardens out back look great, all our perennials have returned.   That is one of the things I have missed most these past weeks in Colombia, gardening.   This time of year my favorite for that.   

Thanks to all who have followed.  Will keep writing for a bit as I work through my re-entry feelings and we get these boys settled.   It has been a wonderful experience for me, really helpful to focus my thoughts and let you all get a peak at the process and at Colombia.   For those of you who have not met the boys, I hope this electronic introduction has been helpful.  Thank  you for all your good wishes and prayers and support!  It meant a lot.

Need some sleep.  It is wonderful to be back with David and Alexis.

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