Well apparently the embassy or ICBF changed their documentation requirements quite recently and despite six hours there and lots of hustle by our legal team here no visa.   They need one more document despite having everything I was instructed to bring so we are not leaving tonight.   I cannot express how upsetting this is.  Sometimes the bureaucrats take control of things and the constituents they are supposed to be serving lose out.  I just want the boys home.   I am legally their father but am powerless to advocate for them.  It is maddening.

Pero, tranquillo.   I can’t stop thinking about the poor man I saw praying this morning that I wrote about in my last post.   I have thought about him all day.  His struggles, whatever they are, centered me and calmed me and helped put my worries in perspective.  The boys are okay and I am okay, please send your prayers or good intentions to this man.   He needs them more than we do.

Stay tuned.   If we don’t leave tomorrow I may start looking at real estate.

Que tengais todos una buena noche.

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