Esperamos…and thinking of a man on the streets 

We have been at the US embassy for a few hours now.   They are asking for documents they have never asked anyone for apparently.   Juan who has helped a lot along the way, works for Raul and Juliana adoptions, has never seen this.  Raul owns and runs Juliana and has done 1760 adoptions has never seen this.  Am I jinxed?   Raul just called me and asked me to remain calm.   He has emailed several things and I am hoping all resolved and they are working on visas but I am not sure.   I am strangely calm, trying to just relax and hope.  Tranquillo.

I saw something on the way over this morning that has profoundly impacted me.   We were stopped at a traffic light and on a small strip of grass between two very busy lanes a man was with his cart and about to start selling drinks.  Lots of stuff sold at red lights down here, like many cities around the world.  His head was down and hands folded and he was praying.  He seemed troubled.   Was he praying for a good day of sales, for his health, for a sick loved one, or someone he has lost?   It was an incredibly intimate moment that just about brought me to tears.   I don’t think I’ll ever forget his face.   One thing is certain, his problems and concerns worse than mine at this moment.   I really hope I get the visas and get to leave tonight.  But I would much prefer that his prayers are answered.  

So if you’re out there praying for us I would simply ask that you prayer for him and his needs instead.  We’re fine, we’ll survive more delays if we have to.   Wherever I am tonight, I am going to prayer for him too.

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