Thank you Ryan and Katie, and Evan and Louisa, and Elias and Andrew and Jacob

I want to thank all of our kids and their friends for opening their hearts to these boys.  The boys’ imminent arrival in Dallas impacts Ryan and Evan and Louisa the most as their home base is Dallas but I anticipate (and have seen) Wendy’s boys will be just as welcoming to David and Alexis. 

Thank you to Ryan and Katie for being so great with the boys when they were here a couple weeks back.   It was wonderful to see and it sounds like half of Boston College is waiting to meet the boys!   The boys will be headed north with us in about a month to attend Ryan’s and Andrew’s graduations (assuming I have left Colombia by then!) and I suspect will be warmly greeted in Boston, and Hoboken.  Ryan has changed his Facebook profile picture to one from Bogotá with the kids welcoming them to the family.  Love it.

Thanks to Louisa who has also welcomed the kids on Facebook and has helped immensely with her Spanish, especially last  summer during the boys’ visit.   The paperwork for this adoption has been mind-boggling but the kids have had work to do as well, especially for the home study.  The following picture is from nearly two years ago after getting yet another set of fingerprints before ryan headed off to Dubai as I recall.  This was at DFW.  Good sports!

A special thanks to Evan as it may  have been harder for him for a variety of reasons to really open his heart but that he did last summer once he met the boys.   So did his friends!   My kids have always been great with younger children and I have thought all along that they would warmly welcome these children.   The first day of the boys time with us last summer below shows David and Alexis in the pool with Evan and a bunch of his friends:

These are lucky chicos to have a bunch or older brothers and sisters to love them as much as Wendy and I do.   Thanks to you all!

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