Still waiting for visa appointment 

No word on my visa appointment so I have lost another day. Met a family with another agency that had sentencia same time I did last Wednesday and then passports and ICBF letter also last Friday and somehow had their visa appointment scheduled by friday afternoon, tomorrow at 9:30. I still have no idea when I am going and this usually apparently a straightforward step. So this discrepancy in their timeline and mine very frustrating. I have also heard from other folks with other agencies state you can just schedule appointment with embassy and cancel or change if by chance ICBF conformidad letter gets delayed. Like so many things with all this, we are in the dark and could use more info.

The kids are keeping me grounded but I want to get them home. David way behind educationally because of years on the streets as I have mentioned and I have everything set up to help at home and just want to get the ball rolling.  But they are really bright kids, that is evident. 

I had a hard day today, sick of delays and sick of having no control over anything.   These are my children now and I am becoming increasingly surly  with the process. There have been far too many bumps in this very long road.

Fingers crossed I will be hearing in am and still home Wednesday or Thursday.  My mood turned 360 degrees during our hour of pool time this evening.   Somehow I went from dad to zombie dad who favored Colombian boys to shark to a sort of zombie octopus that also preferred Colombian children.   Absolutely hysterical.   I have to give credit to Ryan when he was here  who helped start these rapidly morphing pool time games!

The boys received back massages from their dad at bed time and Alexis gave me the biggest hug yet after his.  It’s all worth it for sure.   We all want to come home, the boys packed all their stuff today. 

That’s guanabana, makes a great fruit drink.  It’s one big fruit!

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