Boys will be boys 

These boys…we were shopping last night and a woman was giving out samples of a new Nestles chocolate treat, really just chocolate over a vanilla wafer and some marshmallow but I bought some for the kids and didn’t give it another thought.   Made dinner again tonight and opened them up to give to the boys after dinner and thought to myself “oh boy these will get a reaction” because quite honestly they looked like mini chocolate covered breasts.   Well the laughter was immediate and within 60 seconds I had this:

The laughter went on for several minutes and a bit later Alexis had nibbled off the top half to expose the marshmallow at which point he said  to his brother “mira David, leche!”  Yup, I have more boys.   I had nothing to do with any of it!   Nestles, what were you thinking?!

Later in the evening right before bed Alexis’s loose tooth fell out, although I think he pulled it out in the bathroom after he heard about the tooth fairy tradition in the states.  The easter bunny found us!  I wonder if the tooth fairy will come tonight? 

El diente está debajo de la almohada!

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