Get to know these boys 

Some of you already do, but this is an invitation to those of you that don’t.  You are missing out.   These boys have huge hearts and they are generous and kind and loving.   They have really only had each through life which explains the incredible bond they have I suppose.   They are truly inseparable.  And their spirit.  And joy.  It’s infectious!

I wish everyone could have been at dinner last night.   Lovely little restaurant, el gato negro.  We went last weekend when Wendy was here but last night they had music.  The boys were hysterical.   And for those of  you that saw my post from last week in Cartagena, you know that these boys have rhythm!

First, fake chess:

Then table top soccer with the chess pieces:

Then they became progressively more goofy and musical:

I left the restaurante with a great big smile on my face!

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