What are the chances?

We met a lovely couple from Wisconsin Wednesday in la mesa.   They signed sentencia right before we did, they are working with another agency.   Jeff’s wife went back to the states a couple days ago so he is also alone here for the final week.  I took his number and sent him a message on WhatsApp this am (everyone down here uses it, and in Haiti).   He doesn’t have phone service here so needs wifi.   Hadn’t heard back but assumed I would this evening.

We are in Parque 106 now playing and watching an informal soccer game on a combo basketball/soccer court.   Our favorite park for soccer, twenty minute walk from the hotel.   I look up and there are Jeff and the three kids walking by!   A metro area of 11 million.   Someone figure out the odds for me!

Amazing folks, they have five biological kids and adopted a girl from China a few years ago and just felt the need to do more.  They are adopting three beautiful Afro-Caribbean kids, like ours.   Six years in foster care.   Inspiring.    One meets amazing people on this journey.  It is a long, complicated, expensive process but the biggest requirement by far is a big heart.   These folks have it.

And speaking of soccer, the footwork and the skills down here incredible.   These guys in this pickup game just amazing.

Now the boys are playing with this great guy who walked up. Clearly letting them show off their skills.

Alexis and David have some pretty incredible footwork of their own.  Wendy already has made some inquiries for summer leagues in Dallas.   Suspect the boys will shine.  Will be great for their confidence and socialization.   Now he is teaching!   Typical of folks here.  As friendly as they come. 

Good thing I have flip flops on otherwise I would have had to school them all.  

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