Alexis Andres Duffy and Jesus David Duffy

We are back in Bogotá and the sun is shining and life is grand here.  I am very relieved the boys are legally mine and most of the drama down here now done.   We need passports and visas and should be heading home next Tuesday or Wednesday if all goes well.  I am thankful and relieved and joyous.   It is a huge relief to have sentencia behind us.  Horror stories abound in the adoption world, we’re not going to be one of them.

After three round trips I am also happy my travel to La Mesa is done. Mountainous, curvy roads have made for rough trips for a guy with life long motion sickness.

We have pool time at six and then will be walking to a pizza place the boys like to celebrate our big day.

By the way, the boys pronounce it Doofaay!  David decided to leave his written name as Jesus David but still plans to use David as his first name.

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