A magical moment on Friday night at dinner in Cartagena 

We had a great dinner on Friday night in Cartagena at this wonderful little restaurant we stumbled across, andante allegro vivace, Italian inspired.  Incredible artwork on the walls by a local artist and and wonderful live musical trio.  Really fantastic.  

An odd thing happened towards the end of dinner.   Both the boys got up to use the bathroom and David made it there first.   That left Alexis with some time on his hands and we think he approached the band to get a look.   None of us really saw this happen but when we looked over Alexis had a couple of noise makers in his hands and was gradually drawn into the band!

We think the drummer took a liking to both the boys.   Next Alexis ended up with the band!

And then David joined the band and Alexis moved to drums!  FYI this last video clip about 2 1/2 minutes so may take a bit to load but it is worth it!

The adults were all amazed, the boys just had fun!

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