Yesterday and last evening were incredible.  Cartagena is a blast.   Minus some of the modern amenities, it feels like we went back in time about 300 years.   Some of the buildings have been here that long. 

This is a beautifully maintained colonial city with pastel colored buildings and narrow stones streets and bougainvillea draping over second story balconies.  The old city is protected by a stone wall to protect it from pirates, the English, and other countries.

We walked and shopped and explored.   The hotel has a hot tub we all jumped into before heading out for the evening.

Last night was magical.  The streets were filled with people and we had dinner in a wonderful restaurant with live music.   Santa semana (holy week) is a big deal down here and many people travel and clearly a lot of them came to Cartagena!

Really incredible evening!

4 thoughts on “Cartagena 

  1. Awesome pictures! I am totally jealous. Certainly a special birthday for you this year big brother! Enjoy your day tomorrow! Love to all.


  2. What an amazing experience Fred! Happy Easter to you and your family! You realize that now that you have been to Columbia and made it to Cartagena you are going to have to watch “Romancing the Stone.” I seem to remember you saying that you some how missed it during the ’80s. Here’s a classic scene… to wet your appetite.


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