The Grafitti Tour 

Wow what an afternoon we had.  Despite a high chance of rain we had mild weather and sunshine.   We started and ended in the Park of the Journalists and had a terrific walking tour of old La Candeleria.  Hostels and bars and restaurants, the students hang here in the evening and drink chicha, a fermented alcoholic beverage the students like.   We tried it, not a huge fan!  It was outlawed for many years and legalized back in 1991 again.   Made out in the country by local endigenous folks out of corn, the university students apparently love it.

We learned that Bogotá is one of the world’s top ten cities for graffiti.  It is legal here as long as one has the building owner’s permission.   Some world famous street artists have come to Bogotá to work.   Street art is a medium for social and political commentary as well as a way to beautify a neighborhood or city.   By its nature it is never intended to be permanent.  It always changes.

We also learned a lot about the city and the people of Bogota.   Great couple hours.  I probably took fifty pictures!  I’ll include some of my favorites and then from time to time post more going forward.

Lots of political commentary.  A local artist who is a college professor paints on the street anonymously.   The first picture of the gun with the flower pretty clear, no more war or bullets, the people just want peace.

And the second one by the same artist to protest land seizures by the government and corporations in search of oil and minerals.   Often the only possession these poor endigenous people have is their land and if they refuse to sell they can end up dead.   Really compelling:

The following may be my favorite.  It celebrates the endigenous farmers  and their use of native seeds and protests the GMO seeds and companies like Monsanto.   It is an incredible piece of art and social commentary.

Next few shots the street where most of the chicha is made and consumed:

A great afternoon!  The first shot below one of the first hostels in La Candeleria and Bogotá:

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