La Puerta Falsa and the New York Times 

As part of our trip down to La Candelaria yesterday we ate at La Puerta Falsa, a tiny restaurant just outside the Plaza Boliver.   It has been there since 1816 and serves a wonderful ajiaco, a Colombian soup with shredded chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob, avocado, capers, and a little cream.  It is garnished with guascas, a Colombian herb.   It was delicious!

I love the New York Times and I couldn’t travel without them.  Their writers always find great little places like this, found this one in one of their “36 hours in….” series, this one on Bogotá from 2015.   Every week they pick a city and give you suggestions for what to do there if you have 36 hours.   Love their travel section!

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