Cerro de Monserrate

Great trip to this classic Bogotá stop, sitting on a 10,000 foot mountain high above the city.  The church is a major mecca for pilgrims, in part because of the altar statue of Senor Caído, the fallen Christ, to which  many miracles have been attributed.

The 1500 step hike up was tough, I think primarily because of the altitude, required frequent stops to address my tachycardia!

Magnificent views!

Beautiful grounds…

There was a neat little market behind the church and I loaded  up on some souvenirs because at least the church gets a cut.   I made this shopowner’s day!

A nice spot to be right before Easter, I took a little time in church to reflect on and pray for the important people in my life I have lost, including Cathy, my mom, and grandparents.   A pretty spiritual place despite the tourists.   We really enjoyed the visit and had the chance to take some great pics.

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