Good news and bad news…

As the saying goes, first the good news.  Ryan and Katie arrived safely last night and we are back in Bogotá and the boys are loving seeing Ryan again and happy to meet Katie.   Ryan already whipping them into shape in the pool.   It’s really good to have them here!

Unfortunately, no sentencia today.   Despite the judge suggesting to me possibly last Friday but almost certainly early this week when I met her last Monday, apparently the public defender for the boys is on vacation this week and we can’t proceed until next week.  You would think they would have know that and let us know?  I am also concerned the ICBF strike may be impacting me.   I was warned that little happens Easter week but very disappointing after being told  differently last week.  Sounds like I will be heading back there next Monday night in hopes of sometime mid-week.   Really frustrating as we just sat out there all weekend and sounds like they knew we wouldn’t be proceeding.

Things work very differently here and I was warned about that too but boy is this frustrating.  So we came back so Alexis can get his chest x-ray  which we will do early tomorrow morning and hopefully that will be okay.

I will focus on enjoying my oldest son and Katie’s time here and Wendy when she arrives later in the week.   And I will continue to focus on the boys and letting them get comfortable with me.   They don’t care where we are but I want to get them home so I can get them the educational help they need and ramp up their English.

The saga continues…

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