Sunday greetings

A rainy Sunday here, we waited for the rains to abate and walked into town for a late lunch and to shop for dinner, and to pick up some umbrellas!  We are preferring to walk everywhere and not take taxis, more fun that way.  You see and experience more as I said about my time in Bogotá.   For instance, the last several days the road into town has been lined with young soldiers with machine guns slung around their necks.   They give a thumbs up to every car that passes and most of the cars honk their horns back.   I have no idea what they are doing, but I found myself today thinking what they would do if they gave the cars the thumbs down?   Machine gun them?   Sort of harkens back to the colisseum days of Rome!  Wacky.   This is one of the many things I love about travel, encountering things you would never experience at home.   We are on a side street but still a road in a moderately  busy neighborhood.   I opened my window this morning and a cow  was walking by.   Not uncommon in many of the countries I have traveled to  but wasn’t expecting that!

So we will find out tomorrow morning if we wrap things up here and head back to Bogotá.   Hope so.  My oldest Ryan and his girlfriend Katie flying to Bogotá as I write this, early graduation gift for them both.   They will be here most of the week.  Really looking forward to their visit. Wendy heads back down late on Thursday night.  Big week!

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