This is a topic I should not have to write about.  Our country and the world have come a long way on race in my lifetime, and we have a long way to go.   I am appalled that we have elected a racist to the  highest office in our country.   I have no doubt that his hateful rhetoric has increased racial tensions in our country and that he is directly responsible for the deaths of a number of individuals at the hands of racist, hateful people following the vitriol of his horrible campaign.   Shame on us for electing him.

I have thought about race even more as I am about to become the father of two black young men.  The night Wendy and I flew to Denver last  summer to get the boys for the summer vacation program, a black man in Dallas fired on police officers  there with the sole goal being to kill white officers.   That he did, along with a black officer as well as I recall.   Senseless and hateful.   We were heart broken when we heard, and yet we realized that it would not and could not impact on what we were about to do.   We had no designs on specificically adopting black children, they just came our way.  We just wanted to help a couple kids alone in the world.

I have been conscious of some looks last summer and over the past few weeks when I have been with the boys.  Of course it might just be people trying to figure out what the old white guy is doing with the young black boys!  But today I experienced racism pure and simple while we were sitting outside at lunch.   A disheveled woman came up to the three of us shouting  something as we sat waiting for our lunch and we ignored her and she left.   Hard to say what she was saying but I noticed her still looking at us from 20 yards or so away and then she came charging back and spoke to the kids.   I understood most.   “Where is your father?”   You should be with a black father!”   I told her to leave and she did.   The boys seemed okay, though Alexis seemed a bit angry about it.   It takes a lot to fluster my boys!  Here’s the kicker, she was black.   Racism is racism.   Hate is hate.   She clearly had mental illness or possibly was a substance abuser but she was filled with hate.   Very sobering experience. I suspect it won’t be the last.   As I said earlier, we have a long way to go…

2 thoughts on “Racism

  1. I’m so sorry, Fred! That sounds like an awful experience for you and David and Alexis. I honestly believe you will find less of that behavior here in the large metropolitan area of Dallas. So get those fine young men home as soon as possible. We miss you!


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