Nuestro fin de semana la mesa

We arrived late last night in la mesa after late afternoon doctor appointments for the boys in Bogotá.   Boys healthy.   Alexis needed four vaccinations and David five.  They did great with the needles, tough kids!  Proud of them.  A little sore today but overall fine.

One more little glitch.   Alexis’s PPD (TB skin test) positive.   Those in health care know that most kids in many parts of the world get the BCG vaccine for TB early in life; we don’t use it in the US.   But that often leads to false positive PPD skin tests so Alexis needs a chest X-ray which hopefully we can squeeze in next week in Bogotá if all goes well here in court Monday.   If clear we’re all set; if there are abnormalities we’ll deal with it…please keep your fingers crossed that all will be well.   Alexis looks healthy as a horse and doc said lungs were clear so those are good signs. 

So we are all settled in our very simple but lovely little hotel with a pool right outside our front door.   The boys have two bunkbeds in their room but as is typical they squeezed into one bed!:

We walked about a mile into town and made an appearance at the court office to make sure they know we are here; they also needed a copy of my passport.  The court across the street from a beautiful old church and town square , some pics of the square, church, and court building:

Some pool time this afternoon after picking up some groceries and headed out shortly for dinner.  We have everything we need close by so all is well.    

So we lay low for the weekend.  Waiting for my attorney to update me and hoping all is ready for Monday.   I am apparently the first family the court has insisted stay in la Mesa.   Hoping I have not found myself at the center of some political hornets nest.  As I mentioned in earlier post they  typically don’t make the families stay here, just rent a hotel for three nights.   Something changed mid-week a couple days back so here we are but has increased the uncertainty a bit.   And the child welfare agency (ICBF) still on strike now for a week so hoping that gets resolved in the coming days so our departure not delayed.   Throw in Alexis’s abnormal PPD test and there is lots of uncertainty but all I can do is enjoy the boys and pray!

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