Mi hermana

Many of you know of our family’s loss last year.  Our baby sister Cathy succumbed to a very nasty colon cancer after a three plus year battle.   I feel compelled to write about Cathy as the boys had the opportunity to meet her and her husband Jeff last summer along with her daughter Kelcie and husband John and I know going forward she would have loved getting to know these boys.

Cathy had a rough spring last year and we knew things were progressing and we were running out of options.   When the boys came up for the summer vacation program last July we decided to travel to Philly and south jersey so they could  meet some of our family but especially so Cathy could meet the boys.   Cath spent her first and only day that summer on her beloved beach with the boys and her family.    We also visited them in Philly.   This picture says it all and may be my favorire picture of the year:

We had a lovely day in Philly and great fun at the shore.

A month later Cath had sudden worsening of her clinical situation and from tests at the time we knew here remaining time with us was short.   After a very brief hospitalization she passed away with those that loved her all present.   It was incredibly sad but also a moment of great love and relief that she would suffer no more.  We are all thankful that her  quality of life for much of the time she battled this cancer was quite good.

We recently acknowledged the six month anniversary of our great loss.  Cath’s professional life was dedicated to teaching special needs kids and she would have been, and was, a fantastic aunt.  I have asked Jeff and Kelcie to be special in the lives of David and Alexis, Jeff will be one of their many Godfathers.   I will ask the same of my family and my children and Wendy’s family and her kids.   Our boys will know great love in their new family, as I knew growing up.  I haven’t told the boys about Cathy yet, have decided to wait until we return to Dallas.

I coudn’t imagine writing this blog without including Cathy and her story.   For those of you who have lost someone you love very dearly you know that person lives on in a way even after their death.  Every day is a struggle, every day there is sadness, and joy, and tears, and laughter as you try to adjust to your new reality without your loved one’s physical presence.    We are so proud of Jeff and Kelc as they continue working through their grief.   At times the pain of our loss is brutal, that I will say.

So somehow in my heart and mind I have linked the love I have for these boys with the love I have for my sister.  They are inseparable.    I think I need it to be that way for my own heart as I move forward.   

I also love this picture, you have to admit we are good looking bald people!

Boy do we miss you Cath…

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