Another curve ball…

The boys and I had an off day today, no commitments.   So we made our way to a mall to get some clothes for the kids and most importantly a soccer ball to help pass the time in some local parks.   We caught a movie and enjoyed our little break from the meetings and commitments that make up this journey.

I mentioned several days ago when in La Mesa that the law mandates we establish “residency” there to proceed with the adoption  by getting a hotel for a few nights (which I paid for) but that most people don’t stay and don’t have to.   Well our in country attorney Raul called today and said there has been some push back on that and he has asked me to head out tomorrow night after our doctors appointments and vaccinations and spend a few nights out there.    There is a chance the adoption papers will be signed off Friday but most likely Monday so looks like we will be spending the weekend in La Mesa!

So we go with the flow.   Everything seems to be constantly in flux with this journey but all we can do is trust the process and enjoy each other’s company.   And that we are.  Trust is building, we are getting to really know each other, and we are laughing a lot.   The boys are clearly comfortable around me;  they fart at at will now when I am close by and giggle without hesitation.  There’s progress right?!   By the way, your fun fact for the day is fart in Spanish is pedo.   It kind of sounds like fart should sound in another language. 

And so it goes…

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