Adoption Papers Filed!

It took about three hours to get to La Mesa thanks to road  construction and traffic.   Quiet little town, we pulled up to an unassuming little judicial building across from the town square:

Juan works for the in country agency I am using and he helped us file the papers with the clerk.  After that the judge welcomed us into her office and we sat with her for 15-20 minutes talking about the process and the boys feelings.   She asked them questions, asked me questions, and not one world of English was spoken!  I think Juan thinks my Spanish is better than it is!   But I picked up most of the conversation.   She chatted with the boys about if they were ready, how they were  feeling, and told them about the process.   She described the change of their last names and also gently told them to work hard in their new lives and they should thrive.   She asked if I had questions and if  was I ready.   I explained that I was more than ready and thought the boys were prepared to come to the states and start their new lives.   Really a lovely and warm human being who clearly cares for the kids.  It was a beautiful moment. 

Boy I wish my Spanish was better but really proud of myself that I actively participated in an important discussion about my boys in their native language and I was able to get most of it.   And not one bit of interpretation was done.   Wow.

Cute  little town square.   I rented my cheapo hotel room for the minimum three nights, we stopped and had lunch, and drove  back to Bogotá.   About eight hours round trip.

So papers are filed and I have to make one more appearance.  Probably next Monday but possibly as early as this Friday.   A big day!

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