A bright sunny day in Bogotá 

A relaxing day today waiting for the events of the week.   My first long weekend here and first couple days back this past week grey and a bit dreary but today bright sunshine, clear skies, and air crystal clear.   Really lovely.

Another visit to the Usaquen Sunday market today.   What fun.   Picked up some trinkets, some Colombian football jerseys, and enjoyed the scenery.   

Music everywhere:

And most importantly, I have identified something to do with my time once I retire from surgery.  I’ll just find some Dallas street corner and buy me a boombox and have at at:

Explored a bit more over by Parque 93 last night and today where they had an international travel expo this weekend.  This is the neat little park I discovered a couple weeks ago.  Perfect night last night.

We shall see what tomorrow brings….

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