A potential glitch 

If I have learned one thing during this very long process it is to expect the unexpected.   Everything humming along fine down here until yesterday when ICBF went out on a national strike.   That is the state system I have referenced often that cares for orphans and abandoned kids like David and Alexis.   I am waiting to hear if it will affect my court date Monday.   Reportedly will be a brief strike but like all things with this process I have no control over it so trying not to worry about it.  Much easier said than done!   Will pass along updates as they come in.

Some of the kids the boys met last summer in the vacation program are here in Bogotá now going through the final stages of their adoption so at present the  boys together with them for a few hours playing soccer and having lunch so   a breather for me.   A couple at same hotel as us (Juan David and Junior) so we had Junior over for a sleepover last night.   Good fun for the boys.

Boys and I did some grocery shopping yesterday, spent some time in the hotel pool (tiny one in the basement) and walked for dinner last night.  While out walking  for dinner I was telling them about the strike and we decided to document our lack of worry about it all in the following video.  Disfrutan!

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