Back in Bogota 

Our flight was a couple hours delayed yesterday but we arrived here a bit weary but fine.  Back in the same hotel.

Our last breakfast yesterday at Hotel Sazagua was terrific.  There are a couple of steel bird feeders in the back yard that had just been filled with bread and they also have a hummingbird feeder close to where we were eating.   So we were serenaded by a dozen or so species of birds.   The pictures don’t do the experience justice!

Also a few pics of a hummingbird that kept feeding at the feeder.   Not terrific clarity as just my iPhone but a few in flight pretty cool.

A joyous breakfast.

Last spring we had planted a bunch of flowering perennials in the backyard and we had more hummingbirds and dragonflies than I had ever seen in Dallas over the course of the summer.  It was wonderful.   I think I’ll have to pick up one of those very simple bird feeders for scraps, they can share them with the chickens!

The boys were hunting in the hotel back yard before we left and came across a treasure trove of cicada exoskeletons.   Endless teaching opportunities for the boys!

Speaking of teaching, I have started in earnest to give the boys an English base before life in the states and the pros take over when we return.   We are counting, learning the alphabet, doing some basic greetings, etc.   And now that we are settled back in Bogotá going to try to work on my Spanish.    Plenty to keep us busy. 

A pause in the action but I believe on Monday we head to a little town west of Bogota to file the adoption papers.  

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