These boys 

It struck me at dinner tonight how wonderful these kids have been these past few days I have been sick.   Think I am turning the corner, convinced just some nasty virus but has not been fun between my various symptoms and loss of sleep. But the boys have been kind and genuinely empathetic.   I fell asleep early a couple nights ago and awoke an hour or so later to find these notes next to me on my bed:

Talk about sweet kids.

David is a bit more reserved but is a lovely human being who as I have mentioned in past posts has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders to make sure his brother had a childhood, something we believe has largely been denied for him.  Alexis is like one of the Disney chipmunks after three or four espressos!    The kid talks a mile a minute, not easy for us Spanish learners to understand.   The following video nicely demonstrates some of their attributes.  David is taking picture of his artwork from today and Alexis is doing gymnastics!

A still below after Alexis’ tumbling run!

Look at this incredible crucifix right outside our second story room, hangs above the lobby.   Growing up in a Franciscan parish and going to college at a Jesuit university I have always felt I was exposed to some of the best Catholicism has to offer.  I love the simplicity and generosity of the Fransiscans and am sure that is why I love this crucifix.   My grandmother nana Duffy thought I should be a priest.    That would have been a big mistake, for a host of reasons!  She didn’t live long enough to see me in med school but she knew that is where I was headed so pretty sure she was good with that.   I was fortunate to have had and know and  love two sets of great grandparents.    I would like to think that what we are doing with these two boys would bring them a lot of joy.

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