Today the boys and I toured a coffee finca (farm) south of here that has grown coffee for 135 years.   They started tours a dozen years ago and they have become very popular.  Beautiful country.

We learned about all stages of coffee production and types of coffee as well as the history of coffee growth in Colombia.  Coffee is thought to have been used for the first time about 1300 years ago in what is now Ethiopia. Coffee plants were brought to Colombia from Venezuela by Jesuit priests approximately two hundred years ago.  They have thrived here in the higher altitudes, one of the main determinants of coffee taste.   In what country is coffee drank the most?  No contest, in Holland folks drink almost nine cups a day!

We had the chance to dress up in the usual protective gear pickers wear and picked some coffee.  The berries are ready when they change from green to red.  The berrys are sent through grinding machines to remove the outer husk before washing, drying, and roasting.  The boys are removing that first husk below:

At the end of the tour we donned the Juan Valdez costume.   He was the guy that spoke to American consumers years  ago and helped popularize Colombian coffee.   

Really fun day!

Still sick as a dog.  Presumed viral but coughing like crazy and whatever it is also settled into my lower gi tract last night so didn’t get very much sleep.   Will plan on seeing hotel doc tomorrow if no improvement.   Sucks to be this sick at home.   Sucks even more when on the road. 

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