Back in Pereira 

We returned north yesterday morning from our great trip to Armenia.  After lunch at our hotel they offered us a larger room upstairs at same cost because things were emptying out. The view from the room of an outside cabana the boys like to hang in and the room itself.  Not too shabby.

I started feeling sick yesterday am.  Pretty sure viral but a bummer nonetheless.   Always stinks  getting sick when traveling.  Went to sleep at 8:30 last night and Alexis woke me around 10 to say goodnight and/or to make sure I wasn’t dead!   We all slept about 12 hours.   Feel a tad better now.

The kids are out in the pool now playing hacky sac soccer!   I am referring.  A view of the hotel from the pool and the boys at play:  

By the way the boys insisted on counting from one to twenty during the big hacky sac match!   Gradually trying to teach some English as I have said before.

If you read the prior post you will know that wendy left last night for Bogotá and now in the states.   The boys will miss her, as will I. She is great with them.

So just me and the boys for about two and a half weeks.   A chance to bond more with them and work on my Spanish!   The boys seem very comfortable with us both which is great.  I have no illusions that we will not have difficulties and challenges ahead.   Those difficulties and challenges may be even greater with an internationally adopted child.   But the boys have each other and I think they  understand our expectations for them and already know we love them so we are all ready.   The journey in many ways began last summer. 

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