Reading between the action 

Me encanta ver a mi novio tan relajado-ww 

Up before everyone else so out in the hammock reading. The mornings are cool here.  Everything is green, very verdant here in coffee country.  And the songs of  hundreds  of birds are welcoming me to the new day.

As I get older I love reading more and more.   I particularly love a good book on vacation.  Wendy the same.   We were out recently and I picked up Steinbeck’s East of Eden, one of ww’s favorite books.  That is one of the books I decided to bring with me.   I started it last weekend and am loving it.   How could I have missed this one?  No doubt one of the great American novels from the last century.  He writes beautifully and his character development is incredible!  I will always remember reading it here.   Odd the way that happens.   I read John Irving’s Ciderhouse Rules in Nigeria when I was there in medical school and still have that connection in my mind.

Tengan todos un buen día/have a good day everyone

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