Parque del Café y más 

We shifted hotels yesterday to a smaller little boutique hotel.   Hotel Sazagua, lovely little place that I am sure is an old Hacienda.

Had a nice meal and settled the boys in early as we were due to leave early this am.   These guys are great sleepers.  Learned that last summer.   Then again, we know how to tire a child out!

We had plans to head about an hour south to a town called Armenia to meet with my attorney, mentioned Raul last post, to go over plans for next couple of weeks.   This is a really complicated process, but thanks to Raul easier than it used to be.   He also recommended we hit this great amusement park close by called Parque del cafe.   We checked into another cute little hotel for the night (will head back in am).   Hostelería mi Mónaco.  Cute as a button. 

After we met with Raul to discuss the battle plan for the next couple of weeks our driver Giovanny dropped us at the Parque.   What fun we had. Really lovely well kept place with a mid-day show of songs and dances to celebrate the country’s coffee history that we all enjoyed.

We had great fun and of course bought the silly pictures after getting off the roller coaster.   A good picture of all of us:

And this next one of the boys and I on the ride where the log coaster goes plunging into the water.    I looked terrified but think I was just worried about my phone getting wet after my computer died last week!

The park was wonderful.  Coffee plants all around, great views of Armenia, really nice people, and not too hot.  Six hours in the park guaranteed two tired boys and two tired adults.  Every night is reading time for the boys and working on some English.    A pic of them goofing around making pretend they are asleep before we opened books…

They are goofy, lovely young men, particularly if one considers their life to date. We have a lot of work ahead but will take it a day at a time.   They played hard today and deserve to be just kids for a change and let the adults take care of everything.  David has missed much of his childhood, being the only father  figure Alexis has ever had, allowing Alexis’s childhood to be much less full of worry.   Our sense is that David has felt responsible for himself, for Alexis, end even to some extent for some of the adults in his world.   And he just turned thirteen.   He has a lot to catch up on but we fully intend to allow him to be a child for a while as he heads toward adulthood.   He is an amazing human being. 

Back to Pereira in the morning…

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