En la pascina 

Yesterday was incredible.  We had a nice little party in a little room here at the hotel and saw the boys for the first  time in almost eight months.  Thanks in large part to the boys already knowing us the transition yesterday was pretty easy.  The head of the local ICBF office (the Colombian office responsible for kids like our boys) attended as did a social worker and a psychologist who worked on the boys’ case and who were at our big meeting Tuesday.   Also our in country attorney Raul was present.  More on Raul later.  

There was a significant legal shift yesterday and the letter above clarifies all.   As of yesterday, the legal responsibility for the children was shifted from ICBF to me.    I have to carry their legal IDs and the above letter with me everywhere.   I was challenged for the first time this am in our hotel lobby!   Had to produce my passport, the letter, and their IDs. Unfortunately child trafficking and sex exploitation not uncommon in this part of the world.     Colombia very progressive in the care of their orphans and in protection of the exploited in general.

We stay here for a week of bonding and then another meeting with ICBF next Wednesday and a night flight back to Bogotá to complete the adoption process, another 2-3 weeks.  Once all approved my legal right as their father retroactive to yesterday.   

We shift hotels later today and will post more later.   These are bright and athletic and handsome and generous boys.   It really is a privilege to bring them into our extended families.  They had our hearts in the airport in Denver when we met them last summer!

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