A big day 

After Wendy’s late night arrival last evening we took an early flight to Pereira this morning.   About an hour by air west of Bogota, Pereira is nestled in the middle of coffee country here in Colombia.   The coffee here is unlike anything I have ever tasted.   And boy do we love our coffee!  Por exemplo, the coffee in Italy is just good compared to what we are tasting here.  Incredibly smooth with not a hint of bitterness to follow.   Simply incredible.

The big event of the day was our meeting with the team caring for and assessing our boys.  We spent three hours with five Colombians presenting their reports: attorney, psychologists, social workers and all in Spanish, with some translation help from our in country facilitator Raul, who has spent much of his adult life advocating for children in Colombia without families and homes.  A shout out to Louis our Spanish teacher…Louis you would have been proud.   We did pretty well, understood a lot of what was presented on our own. 

Tomorrow is our encuentro date, I take possession of the boys legally until the adoption is formalized in a few weeks and we head home.  We heard much about the boys lives today and how much they want to have us as parents.  It was incredibly emotional for us both.   Speaking only for myself, it has been emotional for me since I have arrived, lots of holding back tears.  Being so close to seeing these wonderful young men again and about to be a father again.   I really can’t put it into words.  All these kids need is a lot of love, consistency, and support and they have an excellent chance of living a healthy and fulfilling life.   That is all we really want for them.  Any of you who know us Duffy’s know we cry at the drop of a hat.  My brother Mark cries when he can’t find a parking spot for goodness sake.  Mark, you would have been a mess today.

A word about our older boy, Jesus.   Jesus David, we asked several times last summer what he wanted to be called and he always answered the preferred “gesu”, as he pronounced his first name.  His brother always called him David however.   We thought it would be easier for him if he chose the name David when he was adopted but also felt important that he make the decision himself.   Well for whatever reason we found out today he has chosen David as his preferred name.  So here’s an update Team Jesus and Alexis, you are now Team David and Alexis!   David and Alexis say goodbye to their loving foster parents tomorrow morning and will be dropped off at our hotel around 11 am to start their new life.   Just like that.   On the car ride over they are in limbo, I then take temporary legal custody until I legally become their father in a few weeks.   Talk about alone in the world and a leap of faith!  David and Alexis Duffy are coming home to Texas soon.

5 thoughts on “A big day 

  1. Very touching, Fred. You have the gift of seeing the world through their eyes. Good luck today on your journey! Hugs to David & Alexis! You too, Wendy!!!


  2. We can’t wait to meet David and Alexis! I hope your weeks together in Columbia bring you an understanding of their birth home. So looking forward to welcoming them to their forever home back here in Texas!


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