Los chicos 

In two days we reunite with the boys.  It has been a long frustrating process since meeting them last summer but international adoption is very complicated.   We are very close now though.   Finally.

The first picture below one of the first we saw of the boys.  Right before they came north for the summer vacation program.

They seemed comfortable with us as soon as they arrived.   Picture below the morning after they arrived in Dallas as I recall.

And someone has taught them chess!   They clearly have had some positive influences in their lives.   They really are loving and kind and extremely generous boys.

These next two on the beach in Jersey.   We took them north to meet some family and show them a beach.  Quick aside, they are great travelers.  They had never been to a beach before.  Within an hour or two they were the best boogie borders on the beach.   Athletic kids.   Boy can they handle a soccer ball!

We don’t know their entire story but we understand they spent quite a bit of time on the streets before they landed in foster care several years ago.    Davis is amazing with his younger brother.   The photo below one of my favorites.  In Philly visiting my sister Cathy and Jeff.  He is always looking out for him, teaching him, gently reprimanding him as needed.  He is an old soul who has sheltered and protected and loved his younger brother.  We believe he has done his best to give him a normal life.  And it shows.

Where are there heads right now?   Talk about a leap of faith.   I felt very strongly as I considered this early on that I would adopt two if I could swing it so here we are.  Can you imagine leaving your country, possibly forever, without anyone to link you to your past?   Happens obviously often but they will have each other through this journey and I think they will give each other great comfort.

I am leaving shortly to pick Wendy up from the airport and then we have an early flight west to Pereira. 

Stay tuned… 

2 thoughts on “Los chicos 

  1. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow your journey. Those are some really handsome boys with a very touching story. I found myself a little misty eyed reading your blog. You do a very good job putting us in your shoes and in your sons’ shoes. Thank you again for sharing such a personal time in your life. Best wishes and safe travels.


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