Usaquen flea market 

Heard of a local flea market that is open only on Sundays.  Northeast of where I am staying.   An hour walk so set out late morning.  Usaquen used to be a small town north of Bogota but the city swallowed it up.  Lots of new construction but this wonderful Sunday tradition persists.   Mostly locals.   Heard very little English.   

Going to add some pics but posting from my phone.   My laptop suddenly isn’t starting up. Es la vida, that’s life!

I have no idea how that woman is staying on that pole but she waved and moved her right hand and wiggled her feet.   She is tiny.   I suppose some elaborate brace under it all but looked crazy.  The street performers here are terrific .  I sure as heck gave her some money!

Lastly.   I bought some hacky sacs for David and Alexis.   Ryan and Evan used to love these.  Managed to find two more with BC and BU colors for ry and ev.   I paid the woman and turned to walk away and choked up.  I was buying gifts for my four sons, not my two.   Really hit me.   I’m am such a sap but it was a lovely moment.  Another wonderful day.   

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