A holiday in Bogotá hoy 

Quiet day because it is a holiday.  Colombia has lots of holidays.   The gal at the desk in my hotel wasn’t even sure what holiday it is, I found that amusing!

I am sitting at a lovely outside restaurant across from parque 93, really nice area with lots of stores and restaurants I found first day here.   It is wonderful and relaxing and quiet, feels like a holiday.

I am a pretty good packer and planner when it comes to traveling overseas, having spent six weeks in Europe and about the same amount of time in Nigeria years ago and many trips to less hospitable places like Haiti and Honduras.  So made sure computer was fine and phone good to go as I knew I would be blogging, etc.  I even thought about throwing in my iPad in case my computer crashed or I dropped my phone in the toilet!   Overkill for sure.   Well, my hard drive died yesterday.   Spent an hour on the phone today with the nice  apple lady y mi computadora esta muerta. Life.   Could always be worse.   Thank you Sharon for shipping down my iPad.   

I am not a Facebook user but posted a couple days ago about this big adventure and was really touched by all of  you that reached out.  Thank you for all the good wishes and joy.   Means a lot.

Wendy joins me tonight.  Tomorrow we fly to Pereira and have our awareness meeting with psychologists, nutrionists, etc about the boys.  Because of the unique summer program last year when we really had the chance to get to know the kids, some of this seems superfluous but we follow the rules.  We are guests here. Wednesday is our encuentro date when we get the boys!   More on the boys in another post later today.    Wendy here until Sunday and then planning  another trip on in April.  She’ll throw some blog posts in for sure as well so she can share her perspective on things.

Bogotá closes lots of streets to bicycles on Sundays and holidays.   Really terrific.  The city feels very different the past couple days compared to Friday and Saturday.

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