what a day!

I spent a large part of the day today walking the streets, I am guessing 15 miles or so, possibly more.  I did take one uber from the north to the south and had a delightful chat with the cabdriver, a pensioner who started driving for uber about a year ago.  We talked for nearly a half hour and I am guessing I understood a good 75% of what he said and I think I was able to communicate almost everything I wanted to say to him.  Wendy and I have been taking spanish at a great night school in Dallas (Spanish House, a plug for Luis and his school!) for over a year and though for a variety of reasons I have missed a fair amount I am making progress and today was very gratifying!  I have promised myself I am going to talk to as many people in spanish as I can while I am here and so far so good.  The best thing to do when learning a new language is just try and don’t care too much if you sound like an idiot early on!  More on our fantastic spanish class in future posts.

La Candelaria is the birthplace of modern Bogota, with a very cool colonial vibe to it.  The Plaza de Bolivar is there, recognizing Simon Bolivar’s victory over the Spaniards around 1820, helping to usher in Colombia’s independence.  The Gold Museum I wrote about is there along with other museums, street performers, restaurants, and reportedly a vibrant night life.  My favorite part of the day besides the walking was the Museo Botero which I will write about in a future post.

I thought about taking public transportation or a cab back from La Candelaria late in the day but I decided to walk instead, as day turned to night.  If I hadn’t walked I would have missed a lot!   Will add images later, looks like it is taking a while for my phone images to synch with my laptop.

Great fun today!


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