Museums and the Museo Botero

I love museums and have visited them all over the US and world.  Throughout Europe, Turkey, even Haiti, wherever I travel.  Hard to beat Florence for museums, I loved them all.    I love art, different styles, trying to figure out what the artist is saying.  Is it political commentary?  Those works may be my favorite.  I may love sculpture the best.  A tip for a great read, the Agony and the Ecstasy about the life of Michelangelo.  Written the year I was born as it turns out.  Incredible to read the book and then walk around Florence and Rome and see his work all around you.  I read before Renee and the kids spent their six months in Florence.

Not a big fan of many types of modern art.  Some of you have heard me joke that if I can do it its not art.  Tongue in cheek for sure but there is some truth to that.  The DMA at home once had an exhibit of thousands of wrapped pieces of candy on the floor.  I understand that people express themselves in different ways but that failed the Fred test!  I was not impressed.  We once visited the Guggenheim in New York and if you have been you know about the long spiral stairway.  When we visited a conceptual artist had put a trough of vaseline all around the inner ramp.  Which was fine until I looked over and saw our five or six year old Evan standing in it!  That was a classic and I suspect the piece much more valuable with Evan’s sneaker print in it.

I was blown away yesterday by the Museo Botero however.  I loved it.  Maybe my new favorite small museum in the whole world.  Fernando Botero, I think Colombia’s best know artist, donated all the works and the museum only opened about a dozen years ago in a two story home of a former that was donated to the state for this purpose (if I understood the guard I asked correctly).  If you have any interest in the art world you all will recognize his work, he’s the guy that does the chubby paintings!  He also sculpts and also donated works by Picasso, Chaggal, Renoir, Monet, and Miro from his private collection.  Also included many sculptures of his own and some by Dali and Ernst.   Honestly if you an art lover it is worth a long weekend trip to come to Bogota just for the Museo Botero.  As much as I enjoyed the Gold Museum earlier in the day, the Museo Botero just floored me, the highlight of my wonderings here thus far.  A sampling of his stuff follows:

And above a Picasso, Ernst, Chaggall, and de Koening

Botero is an incredible sculptor. Works primarily in Bronze:

Fantastic place.  Lastly the inner courtyard:


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