Primero dia en Colombia

The main mission today was to get my special visa to allow me to be in Columbia to adopt.  Several hours of sitting after some pre-travel preparation but mission accomplished.  I had to fly in last night to do that today because Monday a holiday here so I have a three day weekend ahead of me and I intend to make the most of it.  I read today that some consider Bogota the Athens of South America.  Lots of history and culture here and I think about 9 million people and growing.

So tomorrow will be a day of exploration.  Museums, parks, people, and places.  One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to get out and walk in a city.  Particularly if I have never been there before.  Walked some today.  Mild climate here year round because the city is up in the mountains. Lots of people and cars and motorcycles and bikes.  But when you walk a city you find hidden gems, cute little homes or restaurants, book stores, parks.  Much more to come mañana.

I am tired but profoundly happy to be here.  I have a busy life at home and it is a great luxury for me to explore a new part of the world I have not seen before.  Pure joy for me.

Buenas noches

7 thoughts on “Primero dia en Colombia

  1. I remember when we were sitting on the beach in Haiti, 4 years ago, talking about this day. Congratulations!!!


  2. Thinking about you and the boys. Enjoy your long weekend of exploration. Love the photos – It’s fun to follow along with you!


  3. Your blog makes us feel like we are on the journey with you. Great job, Fred! Enjoy and drink it all in. I can think of no other person who derserves this more than you.


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